Back at it.. again


I never expected to write here again. Medyo matagal na kasi na nawalan nang gana na magsulat. It’s not that I never wanted to talk about myself and my activities.. but there was not enough time to do then.

Ngayon, medyo maraming time. So I guess I can devote some back into writing and sharing stuff.

At first, I thought of creating redgieboy as a journal of past travels and experiences. I was eager to divest what I saw around and put in some thoughts here and then. Travelling is really a luxury for me as I don’t have the funds to do it often kaya, I thought it best to journal them so I may be able to look back sometime and reminisce the joys.

I was facing ups and downs and interests wax and wanes so the journalling was sporadic. Come to think of it, sayang din itong nasimulan ko. Kaya might as well continue it, kahit na paminsan minsan lang.

The next entries might be a bit different from the usual. I will try to mix it with some thoughts and mood descriptions everyday. I want this to be my personal journal of sorts.

So, let’s start anew.. Welcome back, roaming Redgieboy!

Turo-turo Carenderia and Bakery sa Banawe

Bihira na lang makakita ng turo-turo ngayon na masarap ang lasa.  Kaya nang ma-discover ko itong tindahang ito sa may kanto ng Banawe at Dapitan Street sa may Quezon City, sobrang tuwa ko na may bagong makakainan na naman na lutong bahay.

Sa unang kita, mapapansin mo na ang Movenpick ay isang ordinaryong bakery na maraming tindang tinapay.   Iba’t ibang tinapay ang meron sila – hopia, monggo bread, asado bread.  Pinakagusto ko yung raisin bread nila… parang yung nabibili sa Baguio Country Club.  Matutuwa ka dito dahil maraming klaseng bread silang tinda.  At.. nagse-sale sila!

Pero ang hinahanap-hanap ko kapag nasa Movenpick ako e kung ano ang lutong ulam. Mostly lutong bahay ang sine-serve nila dito.  Ang mga ulam ay nasa heated pan parang at covered nang salamin para walang dumadapo dapong mga di kanais nais na insekto sa paligid.  Medyo may kamahalan ang isang order.. around P200 pero malalaki ang serving.  Sa gabi nagbibigay sila ng discount sa mga ulam kaya mga ganitong oras (7:00pm onwards) ako pumupunta.

Last weekend, tin-ry ko itong afritadang manok at pata adobo.  Parang may kakaibang spin sa mga putaheng ito na hindi sya talaga kalasa ng usual na luto.

Basta isang lang masasabi ko… sobrang solb!

March Weekend

Wala kaming maisip puntahan last Sunday kaya naghanap na lang kami ng makakainan na may malamig.  Siempre dahil mainit na ang panahon, halo-halo is the best and only option.

Humantong kami sa Iceberg sa may Banawe.  Sa sobrang dami ng choice, gusto naming bilhin ang lahat.  Inorder ko yung may mais at saging na saba.

May kamahalan ng konti compared sa mga usual na malamig pero it was worth it.  Sinamahan pa ng nachos na sobrang dami ng sahog.  Di bale, magji-gym na lang bukas..

Da best weekend with friends…


In search for the perfect ramen

I am a ramen addict… and perpetually on the lookout for the perfect ramen.

Last weekend, I decided to check out Uma uma! on the second level of S’ Maison Mall beside the Conrad in Pasay. The place is known for their Hakata style ramen.

Ordered their uma uma ramen during this visit. The dish was a healthy mix of chasiu pork, spring onions, black fungus, egg, and spicy miso in thick broth.

The appearance of the dish was amazing. The taste was a bit weird at first — something raw.. like liver(?) Is it the fungus, perhaps? But gradually you start to like this authentic dish. Paired it with their takoyaki balls which were likewise great.

Best Hot and Sour Soup

When looking for the best hot and sour soup, nothing beats the version of Coral Garden. The main branch is a small restaurant along the southern stretch of Banawe Avenue just in front of Del Mundo Medical Center.

I usually go here to get my fill of their Coral Soup which is a thick sour and spicy mixture of egg, mushroom, ground pork, tofu, tengang daga and other surprises. Many Chinese restaurants have theirs as either too spicy, too sour, too salty but Coral Garden’s is just pure perfection.

For a filling snack, the best pairing for this is with their cuapao which is a thick block of marinated pork mixed with herbs (don’t know if there’s cilantro in there) and sweet peanut sauce sandwiched in soft mantou bread.

I also go for their almond shake which, I don’t think, any other restaurant can match.

Getting hungry again..

Looking for a Mexican food in Quezon City

Recently took a field day around T. Morato Avenue in Quezon City to look for Mexican food. Couldn’t wait to eat anything with tomato salsa and jalapenos.

I found a little joint called Hermanos which was near the place that used to be Figaro. The signage was familiar and I am sure that I have seen it somewhere. I asked the staff only to find out that they once had a branch along Gilmore area.

As it was a little after lunch on a holiday, the place was still empty. The colorful artwork on the wall catches the eye.

I sampled their taco salad which is good for sharing. This is ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes smothered with cheese and sour cream placed under a fried tortilla and served with salsa. Just the Mexican fix I needed!

Can’t wait to try their tacos and burritos next time. Yum yum!!

Visiting Bacolod the First Time

First time visits are always memorable. It took me awhile before I was able to visit Bacolod City, popularly known as the City of Smiles. It was only this August, when the Philippine Society of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology had their annual convention in Sanctuario de San La Salle was I able to visit this wonderful city.

First on my must-see list was the San Sebastian Cathedral. The tall church is along Rizal Street in downtown Bacolod about 10 kilometers from the airport. Amidst the busy avenue stands the cathedral, originally built in 1876 mostly out of coral stones. The architecture is similar to churches built by the Augustinian Recollect friars in the country. You can observe that the center of the church’s facade is an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at the center.

On one side of the church stand two massive bells which form part of four original bells mounted at the original belfry in 1979. The bells are of historical value because they were instrumental in warning the people in 1898 of the “Cinco de Noviembre” or the start of the revolution in Bacolod.

The aisle leading to the altar was said to be simplified during the reconstruction in the 1930s and is now adorned with spanish chandeliers in the center. Small pillars built on spanish arches are built at the side. On the altar is an image of the Risen Christ.

Singaporean comfort food in the Philippines

The film Crazy Rich Asians stirred everyone’s fond memories for those who have visited Singapore. Besides the dazzling lights, cultural scenes and other tourist destinations, Singaporean cuisine is also one to the behold as it is a real fusion of different tastes.

Here in the Metro Manila, a few restaurants have been gaining popularity for offering Singaporean comfort food similar to that found in Hawker places. One joint I frequent is Bugis Singaporean Street Food located along N. Roxas Street near Banawe Avenue in Quezon City.

So much to try in this restaurant but I always get their popular Numnums which are actually assorted balls in sticks. Dipped in either sweet sauce, chili sauce, vinegar or curry sauce, these are absolutely delicious! If you prefer a spicy challenge, get their dynamite to get that fiery blast in your mouth.

I also like their steamboat, which is a clear broth based dish filled with vegetables, squid balls, fish cake, meat, vermicelli noodles and egg. You can with either order beef or seafood as your preferred meat.

You might want to call first before going because the store is always packed with people and parking is a bit of a challenge. Bon appetite!

#roamarounds #SingaporeanFood

Fat Facts, Fads and Fallacies

I just attended the recently concluded 24th Annual Convention of the Philippine Association for the Study of Obesity and Overweight held at the EDSA Shangri-La last August 31, 2018. This year’s theme was Fat Facts, Fads and Fallacies.

It was a jampacked event this year as many health professionals and weight loss enthusiasts attended the event. Friends from the weight loss industry were also there to help celebrate the gathering. I got to meet some of my colleagues and friends during the Convention.

The current president, Dr. Edgardo Tolentino, talked about the use of mindfulness on eating and reviewed some behavioral techniques in the approach to weight control.

Current products on weight control were also being given to be sampled.

A very productive event indeed!